Cloud Contact Centre


Cloud Contact Centre

A cloud contact center is the central point in an enterprise, hosted on an Internet server, from which all inbound and outbound customer communications are handled. Cloud contact centers make interactions through voice, email, social media and the web accessible from virtually anywhere.

How does a cloud contact center work?

A cloud contact center provides inbound and outbound voice, text, social media and video communications over a high-speed internet connection. Contact center providers handle all the technical setup, equipment, and maintenance of the servers.

Unlike an on-premises PBX, there isn't any telecom hardware to purchase, install, and maintain. Instead, phone calls are established using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology.

Once you connect the cloud contact center software to your other channels like social media or email, it does all the work. Each interaction is tied to an account and assigned to the right agent to avoid conflicts. Then, a contact center syncs data with your CRM software in the background, so everyone is on the same page.

Since a contact center works entirely over the internet, it means you just need to provide workstations, headsets, and an internet connection for your team. Then, when agents log on, they can receive calls, emails, or chat messages. As a result, your brand interacts with customers consistently across various contact methods.

Cloud call center and On-Premise differences

No Heavy Hardware

Novus's cloud call center software only requires a computer, a headphone and a minimum bandwidth. No heavy hardware fills your office space or lightens your wallet.

No Annual Maintenance Fee

Unlike On-premise Novus's cloud call center software doesn't require any annual maintenance fees, hardware maintenance fees or upgrades which makes it cost efficient.

Speed with Quality

Novus's cloud call center means speed with quality, it doesn't require long wired connections, it works with minimum bandwidth and still serves the best quality.

No Disruption in Operations

Our support team work day and night along with you making sure you don't experience any downtime, even if you face any they make it minimal.

Easy to Integrate

With Novus's cloud call center software, you can integrate any CRM or payment gateway.

No Set-up Time

On-premise solution requires complex and long system installation even if it is a very small deployment. With Novus's cloud call center software, you can start calling from day one as it takes only a few minutes to go live.

Flexibility in Relocation

If you need to relocate your operations, you don't need to restart it again. Novus's call center software gives the flexibility to relocate you with ease plus it also gives the ease to scale and integrate.

Work from Anywhere

In on premise solutions agents need to be on site to work while with cloud call center software agents can work from anywhere they want be it office or home.

The most significant difference between call centers and contact centers is how agents interact with customers.

Cloud-based call centers handle a large volume of inbound and outbound phone calls. Agents talk with customers over the phone in real time. Since it's in the cloud, it's scalable, and employees can work in the office, remotely, or a hybrid of both.
A cloud-based contact center manages inquiries across phone, email, social media, text message, and video. In addition, support agents can view customer data and past interactions. As a result, customers can get support regardless of where they seek it. Agents may reply via an online message or initiate an outbound call with a software-based dialer.
The role of a contact center has expanded from fielding customer service inquiries to driving customer success initiatives and equipping salespeople with multichannel tools to engage their leads. Secure data integrations and endless customizations make cloud contact centers the ideal solution for service and sales teams to hit their growth targets.

Features of cloud contact center

  • 24/7 super responsive support with dedicated technical support engineer.
  • Easy navigation on the dashboard.
  • Web based and app based application for both work from office and work from home modules.
  • No installation required, 99.6% uptime.
  • No hidden fees for updates, maintenance or technical support.
  • Pay as you use the solution.
  • Real time and fully customized reporting.
  • Open API for easy integration.

Benefits of using cloud

No Binding Agreements

We retain our customers with our excellent services not with the binding agreements, try our cloud call center solution and we bet you will become our loyal customer because of our services and 24/7 available technical support.

No License Renewal

Be it on-prem or cloud many other service providers ask for annual renewal fees other than them we don't take such charge.

24/7 Tech Support

We know even a minute of downtime affects your business that's why we offer a dedicated support team for our every solution.

No Hidden Cost Involved

Novus value honesty, we don't put any hidden charge later or take unnecessary charges later on we discuss everything transparently.


Novus's infrastructure offers a pay-as-you-grow model which provides you with utmost scalability. This means you can upsize and downsize 10 times your operation in no time.

Fast and Easy Onboarding

You can start calling from day one as we onboard our customer the same day on a cloud call center solution. With our agent friendly interface your agents can start taking calls from day one.

Work from Anywhere

Agents can login from anywhere using the internet connection and don't need to sit in a particular premise. This gave freedom to business as well as agents.

Contact Centre Solution

Manage the inbound, outbound or blended call center more efficiently with our call center software for giving better experience to your customer as well as ease to your customer engagement team.

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