Contact Centre Solution


Contact Centre Solution

Manage the inbound, outbound or blended call center more efficiently with our call center software for giving better experience to your customer as well as ease to your customer engagement team.

Core Platform Features



Each Call Center should implement a strategic call routing. A strategic call routing system will equip the center to handle any increase in call volume, without compromising Customer Satisfaction.


Our inbound call center software gives smart routing to your callers so that they get connected with the right agent based on skill set or any priority set. This increases first contact resolution rate and help in increasing conversion rate too in sales processes.

Agent Modules

Agent login into the contact center platform using the web interface to handle the calls and perform the call management operations like Hold Call, Release Call, Dial Call, call transfer, call consult, call conference etc. Agent can handle both inbound & outbound calls using the web interface.

Real Time Monitoring (RTM)


Through RTM, the supervisor can monitor live queues and agent calls. The supervisor can also use the Barge-in & coaching feature to improve the agent call handling.

Real-time dashboards can be used to analyze the hourly call trends on agent & campaign basis. This helps the business to plan the agent capacity during the peak hours of customer calls.

Admin Module


Using the admin portal, the Admin and supervisor can manage the agent, skillsets, dispositions, data sets and campaign configurations. This empowers admin to manage the complete contact center efficiently using the various tools.

Reports, Monitoring and Analytics Module

This is an essential feature for most Contact Centers. Being able to scrutinize call durations, costs, and other useful metrics can help supervisors and managers make informed decisions on issues such as employee performance and staffing and training needs. Some of the best systems allow real-time statistics, letting you know what’s going on in the Contact Center second by second. Historical reporting allows you to compile hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and annual statistics for detailed long-term analysis.

QA Module

The quality auditor can use this tool to audit the voice recordings of the call center to check all parameters related to the call quality. This will help auditor to give feedback on call, train agents and to fill call quality form for giving rating to recorded calls.

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