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Our inbound call center software gives smart routing to your callers so that they get connected with the right agent based on skill set or any priority set. This increases first contact resolution rate and help in increasing conversion rate too in sales processes.

Queue Management and Call Routing


DNIS based Queue:

The route calls based on the DNIS to specific campaigns, Skillsets and agents. The system also allows to define the wildcards/prefix to be configured for call routing.

Priority Queue:

Priority landing of calls to the agents can be configured by prioritizing the queue calls based on the customer metadata, call history or based on the selections on the IVR.

CLI based call routing:

VIP or priority customers can be routed separately by the system to deliver the privileged service.

Skillset based routing:

Calls can be routed to specific group of agents based on their skillset. In case there are multi-skill agents, the system delivers the calls based on the priority of the agent skill.



IVR uses DTMF & voice-recognition features to route the customer call to specific departments. IVRs vary in sophistication-from the very basic, which enable simple routing functionality, to systems that allow customers to access their accounts. At the high end, IVR empowers customers to serve themselves, reducing the workload on human operators.

Call Transfer/Consult/Conference


Agent/tele-caller can transfer the live call to another department or permit access to a third party if needed. Along with this they can consult with seniors during the call and can do conferencing also if needed.

Being able to transfer a caller to another department, or permit access to a third party, is essential for virtually all Contact Centers.



A form of ACD is now a must for a typical Contact Center. Having a system in place that automatically routes callers to relevant individuals cuts down on wasted time and resources. ACD systems distribute calls according to user-specified criteria, such as sending the call to a phone that is idle, or sending calls about billing to the accounting department, etc. Nearly all Contact Center systems have some form of ACD. They vary from simple push-button virtual operators to those that use caller ID or voice recognition.

Missed Call Management


Many times, customer disconnect the calls in queue if it takes longer waiting time. The system can be configured to generate the automatic callback to these types of customers to improve the customer connect. The customer consent can also be taken by the system for the callback.



With our CRM, create stronger connections with your customers and find everything you need to have relevant conversations with your people, whether you’re building a brand new audience or you have thousands of contacts already. Tracking & monitoring the customer tickets, analyze data, generate relevant notifications, automate processes are integral part of the CRM.

Call Recording


Useful for training and monitoring, call recording allows supervisors and operators to record and store phone calls as audio files on the server.

SMS Integration


Dialer can be customized to send the SMS to the customers based on the call disposition/closure types. Http links like payment, customer feedback etc. can also be sent to the customer to improve the customer engagement.

WhatsApp Integration


Dialer can be customized to send the WhatsApp to the customers based on the call disposition/closure types. Http links like payment, customer feedback etc. can also be sent to the customer to improve the customer engagement. The messages can contain the images and videos.

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