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Novus Connect has been the pioneer and leader in providing instant Call-connect solutions including Click-to-call. We deliver the censorious building block to serve the converging internet and telecommunication market segments.

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Novus Connect believes that communication does not have to be as complex as it is. It is mainly working on its versatility, with whom they can satisfy their customers and highly flexible in accomplishing their targets.


Improving Quality, Extension of the product range, Reducing operation cost, improving processes, Reducing environmental Damage, Compliances to regulations.


Good service is when the customer gets treatment that meets their expectation. When a customer gets a little more that what they have expected, good service become exceptional service

Leader in the domain

We believe that technology plays a major role in implementing and improving the process. With the same we always try to be leader in the technology in our products hence we can serve our customer in a better way which keeps us Apart from the competitor.

The Ultimate

It helps you to optimize your sales process, Run Marketing campaigns, free and open source framework for building communications applications. It automate their responses to their customers and make it a personalized experience.


We never forget you have a voice

Novus connect provides interactive and conversational voice services. It provides the software and hardware to convert existing Pc(s) into efficient Voice logger, interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems and Dialers, which mainly comprise of multi-channel contact solutions.

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