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Track your iTrackMate offers complete tracking solutions and we are working towards taking Tracking services beyond offering just location details of the assets and vehicles. With the current players in market who are just focused on providing locations details of your assets we are taking things to a whole new level.

Advantages of employee tracking system

  • Address attendance issues
  • Controlling unethical behavior
  • Rectify errors instantly
  • Work remotely
  • Prompt Off-time request
  • Providing accurate feedback
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Legal evidence

All the business organizations which are looking forward to increasing their productivity, efficiency, and strength - need to invest in the employee tracking software. The employee tracking technology not only benefits management in evaluating the performance of the employees, but it also offers multiple benefits to employees also.

Agent Tracking Flow

  • Agents will login on the mobile with login Id and Password.
  • Agents can remark attendance on APP and Web Panel.
  • Agents all data will be contributed on iTrackMate Server.
  • iTrackMate shared all the data to the hierarchy key.
  • TeamLeader can monitor all agent
  • Superviser can all Team leaders with their Agent.
  • Admin can check all details to Team Leader and Supervisor.

Key Features

  • Login window where an Agent can login either by using his fingerprint & Agent ID & Password.
  • Dashboard marks Agent Name, Number, and Location.
  • Real Time Data Tracking.
  • Live Location Tracking.
  • The Location will be saved in the database.
  • Complete tracking details can be check on date wise and month wise.
  • Mark attendance using Mobile App (Time and GPS Location is mapped).
  • Attendance can be site specific (employee needs to be at a specific location for marking attendance).
  • Employee location can be seen on Web map.
  • List of contacts (distributor/dealer/sub-dealer) available to Agent on Mobile App.
  • Admin can restrict viewing of contacts to the Agent by all contacts, branch level or Agent contacts only.
  • Agent can Check-in and Check-out from client visit (Time and GPS Location is mapped).
  • Duration of visit automatically calculated with mapped meeting locations.
  • Tag contact's GPS coordinates to know companie's reach.
  • Agent can take images from visit location
  • Outdoor marketing activity details (with Photo, Date-Time and GPS location)
  • Monthly Attendance Report
  • Total distance travel reports for reimbursement.
  • Admin can define the right to supervise and Team leader.

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