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Predictive Dialer


A predictive dialer is a system which automated the outbound calling that allows the business to dial the pre-uploaded customer numbers. Predictive dialer filters busy signals, voicemail, no answers, and disconnected numbers to connect the agent only when the customer answers the call.

The predictive dialer uses advanced algorithms to get the exact time that an agent should be wrapping up a call and only then bulk dials other numbers. The predictive dialer also uses the pacing to dial more customer numbers simultaneously based on the live call connect ratio. The objective of using the predictive dialer is to increase agent efficiency by automating the dialing.

Preview Dialer


Many times, agent needs to analyze the customer data before dialing. The preview calling help the business the achieve this. Data is presented to the agent by the dialer and then agent initiates the dialing using the dial button on the application.



The Supervisor can do agent wise allocation of data to specific agents for target-based dialing.

Skill-based Dialing


The supervisor can upload the skillset based data like language, product etc. The agents can be of multiple skills also. The dialer will dial the calls bases of the agent skillset. This will help the business to connect the customer with the best available agent.

Leadset Management


These systems enable different calls to be tagged and stored with relevant information attached to the call file. This permits better management of customers, as it provides historical records of all calls by an individual account holder. The data uploaded in dialer can be managed by supervisors for analysis, re-churn, re-allocation, blocking specific type of data.

The ease the supervisor to manage the campaign and leadset.



Click to call feature is to automate the dialing from the CRM. The dialer automatically initiates the first call to agent. The moment agent answers the call, dialer dials the customer and bridge the call. It helps the agent to connect with the customer on single click which improves the agent efficiently exponentially. It also provides data security to the customer as well as enterprises.

Data seeding APIs


The platform is capable to receive the data/Lead from the REST/SOAP APIs. The routing & priority of this data can be done based on the metadata received from the APIs.

Personal Identity Information (PII) Data protection


The platform can be configured to mask or hide the customer data like contact number, email id etc. This help in data protection and data theft.

Callback/Follow-up Management


Callbacks set by the agent will be automatically dialed by the dialer based on the call back time. The routing of the callbacks can be set to work on any agent or sticky agent basis.

Call Consult/Conference


While talking with the customer agent can consult their internal or external consultant/supervisors during the live call and they can even do multi-party call conferencing if required.

Call Transfer


Agent can transfer the live call to another person or to another department.

CLI Management


The system keeps rotating the calling CLI to avoid the spamming by the customers. The rotation of CLI can be set according to the business need like daily or on each attempt.



With our CRM, create stronger connections with your customers and find everything you need to have relevant conversations with your people—whether you're building a brand new audience or you have thousands of contacts already. Tracking & monitoring the customer tickets, analyze data, generate relevant notifications, automate processes are integral part of the CRM.

Call Recording


Useful for training and quality audit, the call recording allows supervisors and operators to record and store phone calls as audio files on the server.

SMS Integration


Dialer can be customized to send the SMS to the customers based on the call disposition/closure types. Http links like payment, customer feedback etc. can also be sent to the customer to improve the customer engagement.

WhatsApp Integration


Dialer can be customized to send the WhatsApp to the customers based on the call disposition/closure types. Http links like payment, customer feedback etc. can also be sent to the customer to improve the customer engagement. The messages can contain the images and videos.

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