CPaaS Voice


The iCallMate CPaaS platform delivers a tightly integrated toolbox of APIs and services that enable the delivery of real-time voice and messaging solutions. User-friendly features like an intuitive interface and turnkey applications allow communications providers to go to market quickly to meet customer needs.

Communications Platform as a Service or CPaaS is a cloud-based delivery model that focuses on improving communication channels. It’s a model that allows companies to add various communication features to their existing business applications. Added capabilities like voice, video, and SMS can be deployed through communication APIs (Application Program Interfaces).


Launch a CPaaS brand in just days with documentation and a customer interface.

Reseller Management

Create reseller and sub-reseller on the platform as a self-service.

Credit Management

Do credit allocation, reversals on the fly.

Rich APIs

CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) providers sell the necessary platform and code to integrate their SMS APIs into your existing application, unlocking SMS capabilities.

CPaaS -Voice

iCallMate is an enterprise grade platform providing fast, secure, and reliable Voice services for A2P SMS traffic. This Voice CPaaS Platform provides you with a comprehensive cost-effective solution that has exhaustive features such as the Enterprising Voice Communication to enable operations and scale business.

It supports features like Live Traffic Monitor, Dynamic Routing, Rating & Charging, Ready to offer White Label Solution platform, Balance Management, Service Management, huge array of Reports, SMPP based API connection and more.

Services being offered on CPaaS Voice Platform


Outbound voice calls


Create OBD campaigns like responsive, non-responsive, surveys, call patching & customer call flow etc. IVR studio can be used to create call flow. Run multiple campaigns simultaneously with different call flows. Monitor, enable, disable, rechurn live campaign using the campaign dashboard.

Inbound call routing


Make your incoming call processing easy with call routing. It works through webhooks. As a call comes in, a webhook is triggered, and the system follows a set of instructions on what to do with the call. In contrast, inbound call center platforms provide all this without any programming.

These instructions can be to route the call to a certain recipient so you can customize and streamline how you handle incoming calls—extra helpful in busy seasons.

Audio Library


Users can create their own audio library for the audio prompts to be used when uploading campaigns. Once the audio files are approved by the approver, can be used in the call flows.

Contact Management


Users can create their own contact list to be used in uploading campaigns. Contact groups can be used for running campaigns etc.

IVR Studio


IVR studio is a self-service call flow creation portal. Users can create call flow using the drag-drop panel for play prompts, getting user inputs, disconnecting calls, APIs etc.

Custom Call Flows


Create complex call flows which include the APIs & database integrations using the customer call flow builder. Add call flow IVR rules as per the need and map those call flows to users for uploading campaigns.

Extensive APIs


You can take advantage of voice APIs/web panels and embed outgoing calling to your communications stack. It's great for scaling up and down based on your needs, and you can get new phone numbers and calling features almost instantly.

Voice APIs for outgoing calls is ideal when you need to adapt quickly to a changing environment and increase or decrease your calling capacity.

Priority Queues


Prioritize call dialing for specific users and campaigns based on OTPs and APIs campaigns. Platform executes campaigns and calls basis the priority queues.

Bill Plans


Create Bill plans & map with resellers & users for Promo & Trans campaigns separately.



Reporting dashboard to generate the analytical summary and detail reports. Scheduling of reports, auto deliver reports in mails & FTP uploading etc.


Click to Call is a telephony solution feature that lets you dial a customer's number by just clicking on the number, without the need of manually dialing. This cuts manual dialing for Agents and leads to a significant improvement in agent productivity.

Empower your team & save agent's calling time with an easy and simple click to call solution of iCallMate platform.

Customers can configure Click to call, voice recording & call-back CDR APIs in their CRMs, Mobile APPs etc.


iCallMate IVR is a programmable, flexible & robust to meet any kind of call navigation requirements like http APIs, database integrations, VoiceXML, call routing, responsive & non-responsive campaign, call patching, Surveys etc. Call flows can be created using the rule-based engine as well as drag-drop based IVR studio.

Campaign Manage

Omnichannel, Large Capacity

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No Coding Required

Minimize reliance on development resources or time needed to create, schedule, and send a campaign

Voice Support with IVR

Link with Visual Designer to create bi-directional call flows to collect customer feedback, conduct polls, and route calls to agents.

Personalize messages

Using templates and user defined variables add personalization and context (e.g. Name, city, etc.)


Schedule campaigns to run in future.

Programmable IVR

Build your own interactive voice response (IVR) system in minutes. Route your incoming calls to users, departments, and mobile devices.

Call Routing

Interactive voice response, or IVR, routing gives callers the freedom to choose from a predetermined list the department to which they would like to connect.

Location-based routing (or geographic routing) identifies a caller's location using his telephone number and routes his call to the most appropriate agent or department based on locality.

Missed Call

You can publish your unique missed call number in print media, website, app and SMS campaign

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