Unified Communication Platform



Unified application manages the customer engagement using the omni channel interface and provides a single platform to work. It integrates seamlessly, easily, quickly with all communication channels like voice, email, social media, WhatsApp, chat etc. and external applications such as CRM, Ticketing systems, Lead management systems (LMS), Surveys into a single and unified interface.



The Email Portal allows the contact center to integrate with the support center Email Server and provide the feature to send and receive emails. The system can be configured to send auto replies to customers. Supervisors can create email signatures & templates to ease the process of working on the portal.

Social Media


The system seamlessly integrates with twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn to view the messages posted by the customers and reply to the customer using the same interface. Message templates, auto replies can also be configured as per the business requirements. The supervisors can run the social media campaigns to keep the customers engaged.



The chat module integrates with any website or application. It provides the interface to the customer to connect with the agent using the chat module.

Queues can be managed based on the query types. The system allows to create chat templates, auto replies, sharing documents, capturing customer data before initiating a chat etc. features are available to ease the customer engagement.



This helps the businesses to record and report all messages which leads to secure communication. WhatsApp enhances the interaction with your customer and enables potential customers to reach you with ease.

By whatsapp integration personalized communication can be done with customers from a single platform. With self-service function audio/video content can be sent in response to the customer's demand without a customer representative. So interaction can be done with many customers at same time and businesses can see the live chats.

Ticketing System


A kind of help desk software used to manage, process, track and get feedback on customer issues. This can be taken as standalone software or as a part of the whole platform of contact center.

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Contact Centre solution


Manage the inbound, outbound or blended call center more efficiently with our call center software for giving better experience to your customer as well as ease to your customer engagement team.

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