Ticketing System


Ticketing System

A kind of help desk software used to manage, process, track and get feedback on customer issues. This can be taken as standalone software or as a part of the whole platform of contact center.

A ticketing system is the heart of the customer engagement team, a happy customer is a loyal customer by tracking customer issues and solving it in a given TAT can do wonders.

Why choose the Novus ticketing system?

Our ticketing system helps to track the issue day by day, hour by hour and minute by minute. It shows the chronology of the issue since submission to resolution. From receiving customer complaints to giving resolution and conversation done in between is shown in a single window which keeps the team on the same page and no miscommunication or half information is passed across agents or departments.

It delivers personalized and fast customer service on email, phone, chat, social media, and messaging channels such as WhatsApp from a single platform.

It also gives an analytical report of turnaround time of tickets which helps in taking strategic decisions. Businesses also get to know what kind of issue is majorly faced by the customers so they can address it before it impacts the business or leads to escalation.
The ticketing system generates the event based notifications to keep the relevant teams well informed on the status of the tickets.

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